Common Questions

What is is service provider for web stores, that provides autocomplete functionality for site search engine. It helps store's visitors to search for specific products or categories.

What problem is solved by search autocomplete?
According to Forrester Research company (listed on NASDAQ), 43% of web store visitors go immediately to a search boxes. Helping them to find products is crucial for sales, and prevents them from leaving your store. If visitors would not find products in your store, they would not buy it!

My entire store is used as a service, and I don't have access to source files. Is it possible to use logshub service?
Most probably yes, but contact us with the name of your store provider. We will investigate it.

I don't have any programming skills. How can I integrate?
We will provide integrations with stores like magento, prestashop or other open-source software soon. In other cases you can hire us or other software company to create integration.

Can I change design of suggestions?
Sure, It all depends on your frontend integration. See examples in our documentation. You can change design to your own needs.

How much this service will cost?
Private beta is FREE of charge and it ends after about a month. Private Beta subscribers, after active use and/or giving feedback will get discount to continue the service. We did not decide yet how much service will cost in the future.

Is it cheaper, than my own solution?
Most probably YES. By using your own solution you must take many costs: servers, people that will monitor, upgrade and take care of service.

Why suggections from server longer than 100ms will not work?
Researchers from Aalto University in Finland and University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have collected extensive data about the typing behavior of 168,000 volunteers. Average users in this study typed 52 words per minute, while the fastest one typed 120 words per minute. It is almost one word per second. Assuming 8-char word, it is 6.9 char per second, so every char per 145ms. Substracting time for showing suggestion on web browser, we get 100ms as a MAXIMUM acceptable server response time for suggestion. Longer responses will not be shown at all most probably, because visitor will type another chars. Speed is not addition - it is REQUIREMENT.