Subscriptions are the future of e-commerce

Revolutionize your store with a 100% open source solution that can take your business to the next level.
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Hands-free Recurring Billing

Effortlessly offer your own subscription products, relax and watch your business growing.

Automated Payments

Choose from a variety of payment gateways that will collect the funds from your customers.

Designed For Magento 2

Use the application you love and empower your existing store with a new revenue stream.

Full control of subscriptions lifecycle

From the very first moment when your customer orders a service, through recurring payments automation to eventual churn. Open Subscriptions take care of all the processes required for a successful subscription automation.

Dashboard and reporting

Open Subscriptions will always keep you well-informed by providing you a flexible dashboard and all the necessary subscription based reports like MRR, ARPU, LTV or Churn.

Revolutionize your industry

Innovation is the key to business survival. By providing subscriptions on a market that never had such a model you can explore new possibilities and get ahead of your competition.

For book stores.

Offer new books or e-books every month for a regular recurring fee and keep your loyal customers even closer.

For YouTubers & podcasters

Offer access to the special episodes as a support from your fans.

For reports creators

Create reports about stocks, investments, opportunities and share them with your subscribers.

For ecommerce

Offer Prime-like service for free delivery, special offers and other benefits for your subscribers.

For specialists

Offer access to the premium tutorials & courses as a subscription.

For "offline" businesses

Offer online payments for subscriptions: gyms, hair salons, home repairs, internet providers

For physical products

Offer coffee, clothes and other products as a subscription.

Easy subscriptions for premium clients

Follow the latest trends in e-commerce world and offer premium memberships to your client base. Open Subscriptions will help you set up effortlessly:

Multiple tiers of premium subscriptions
Extra discounts only for subscribed customers
Dedicated promotions page
Premium customer dashboard

Taking control of your billing model

A complete modular design and open source code will let you customize it to your own purpose.

Commands system.

Allows to automate tasks eg. sending ticket to the customer every month.


Allows to integrate it with 3rd party applications eg. with remote dropshipping system.

Payment gateways.

Easy integration with many payment solutions.