Open Subscriptions: Quick guide

Why to install?

Innovation is the key to business survival. By providing subscriptions on a market that never had such a model you can explore new possibilities and get ahead of your competition.

How does it work?

  1. Assign submodule to product.
  2. After order's payment submodule's CREATE command is executed that could connect to remote API or make any action.
  3. A few days before expiration email is sent to the customer.
  4. After subscription expiration submodule's DISABLE or DELETE command is executed.

Subscriptions work with any payment solution - some requires manual payment, but the logic is the same.

Submodules system

This is the revolutionary feature, that make possible to automate some tasks for specific subscription events: create, disable, enable, reset credentials and delate. Additional commands could be added by submodules. All of them could be executed manually from administation's page. This system is similar to system known from the hosting industry's automation.

See separate section about submodules.


Services admin's view

Open Subscriptions for Magento - services admin's view

Service's admin view

Open Subscriptions for Magento - service's admin view

Service's logs view

Open Subscriptions for Magento - service's logs view

Adding new connection view

Open Subscriptions for Magento - adding new connection

List of submodules

Open Subscriptions for Magento - list of submodules

Client's services list

Open Subscriptions for Magento - client's services list

Service's details

Open Subscriptions for Magento - service's details