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How to integrate OpenCart with search service

We have created OpenCart extension to connect your instance with our search service. You can see it on GitHub or OpenCart Marketplace.

How does it work

  • Adds admin's configuration page, to fill LogsHub credentials
  • Adds new cron job to synchronize daily products and categories with our API

In the next version of module, we will add full frontend integration. For now, it is only synchronization of products and categories.

OpenCart Supported Versions

Other versions have not been tested yet.

Installation from marketplace (option 1)

You can find extension on OpenCart Marketplace.

Installation from github (option 2)

  1. Download module from GitHub.
  2. Rename it to
  3. In your OpenCart, go to Extensions > Installer and upload that zip file.
  4. In your OpenCart, go to Extensions > Extensions, from dropdown select Modules and click install for LogsHub Search module.
  5. From the previous page click edit button for LogsHub Search module, and fill credentials. You can find them in your LogsHub dashboard.
  6. Go to Extensions > Cron Jobs and run cron job. Core cron will synchronize products and categories daily.