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Why search autocomplete is important for your store?

  • Improved conversions
  • Customer engagement
  • Better user experience

Advantages of our solution

  • Smooth working: results longer than 100ms does not work
  • Advanced analytics
  • Smaller costs: do not take care of your own solution
Did you know, that people who use site search are 216% more likely to convert than regular users?

According to research from WebLinc

The average revenue that came from visitors using site search is significantly higher than from other visitors!

According to research from Screen Pages

43% of visitors to a site go immediately to search boxes.

According to Forrester Research

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How does it work

1. You integrate your store with our API: products synchronization and frontend. Learn more.

2. We are indexing products and categories for optimal efficiency.

3. Your customers can easily find your products.

Try without any programming

In your dashboard you can find button to index test products, just for quick testing.

Easy to get started

You can use our command line tools to index your products just in 90 seconds! There is even command to index a whole CSV file.

Developers first

Use prepared programming client, ecommerce module (soon) to speed up integration. You can integrate with any programming language by using our API.

Mobile friendly

Your customers will easily be able to seach on any device, PC, tablet or phone.

Analytics data

You can check what your customers are looking for, and expose products, that are searched. Add products to your offer that customers searched, but did not find in your store.

Supported Systems

Connect your store with our service in just a few minutes to improve search experience for your visitors. You can connect from every store by our API, but platforms below have ready integrations.

Quick Test

Test our service by yourself in just 90 seconds! In this test you will download source code of our PHP client, prepared by us to speed up implementation on your side. After that you will index some products, and search them.

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